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Do not ask about the buzzing noise

There is no honey in my pockets

I am not a hive of bees in disguise

Do not call pest control

Do not be alarmed

This is all normal

Artist     Game Designer     Escape Room Creator

Human     Illustrator     Not Bees




Liliturra is an illustrator, game designer and graphic artist working in the game and web industries for over 10 years. Working first for commissions as a concept artist and illustrator, she then moved on to study the principles of computer design to integrate those seamlessly with her work in the game book publishing industry. Knowledge and experience in a broad range of disciplines lead to work as a contract artist with Damocles Thread Dev. including comics, web comics, cover art, title cards, and game designs, work that continues to today. Since moving to Newark in 2005, Liliturra has worked for a variety of companies, such as the Foundation for the Interactive Arts and the Malkuth Madness Network. Continued study has included development of digital art in a wide variety of formats. In an effort to expand her repertoire Liliturra has begun independent design of specialty art for private collectors.


In 2014 Liliturra became the Art Director for Damocles Thread Development.

In 2017 Liliturra began designing Escape Room games for a variety of companies.

In 2019 Liliturra became the Art Director for Destiny Vision Games.

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